JCCV 2nd Thursday of the Month Book Club (TAB Club)

2nd Thursday of the Month Book Club (TAB Club)

Do you like to read books?  Would you like to know what other people are reading?  Do you like to talk about books you’ve read?  If you’ve answered yes to these questions, do we have a deal for you!!

Cyril Kesten is organizing this book club that will meet on the second Thursday of every month at 1:30 pm (right after you have a great lunch at the JCCV deli!)

This book club will be organized around the books its members want to read.  At the organizational meeting (on September 12 in the back hall at the JCCV), each member will propose a book and will volunteer to begin the discussion on that book at one of our monthly meetings.  By the time we meet on October 10 we should have 12 books selected for the following year as well as twelve members who will kick off each month’s discussion.

As I (Cyril Kesten) have volunteered to organize the book club, I’ll gather together the information, make a calendar of meetings, and a list of the books proposed.  I’ll send that out to the book club members as soon as it is completed and then I’ll send out monthly reminders for our meetings.

Ideally we should have 12 to 15 members in our book club.  If you’d like to join send me an email (Cyril.kesten@gmail.com) and I’ll put you on the book club mailing list.  The only requirement for membership is that you must be a JCCV member ($65 for individuals or $100 for a couple). Visit https://jccvictoria.ca/membership/ for membership information.