Volunteer Recognition

Over the years, many volunteers have contributed their time and energy to the creation and running of the Jewish Community Centre of Victoria. Below is a list of all the volunteers at the Centre from its founding in 1988 to the present day. If we missed anyone or entered any information incorrectly, please let us know at jccv@telus.net.

Adelman,Jodi	Board of Directors
Akum,Toby	French Classes
Arron,Gerry	Food For Thought Luncheons, VIJFF, Food Kiosk
Arron,Phyllis	Board of Directors, Food For Thought Luncheons Coordinator,
                Food Kiosk, VIJFF
Ashford,Charlyn	Deli
Atnikov,Jerry	Front Desk, Food Kiosk, VIJFF
Atnikov,Sharon	Board of Directors, Deli, Food Kiosk, VIJFF, 
                Food For Thought Luncheons
Banks,Will	VIJFF
Barclay,Allison	House Committee 
Barer,Aileen	Board of Directors
Barer,Ralph	Board of Directors
Barnett,Martin	Board of Directors
Baskin,Cathy	Purim Carnival
Basuk,Nikki	Self Defense for Women
Bayer,Solly	Membership
Beck,Dahlia	VIJFF
Berchard,Marla	Purim Carnival, Chess Group
Berger,Eleanor  Library Committee 
Berkowitz,Sheri	Food Kiosk
Bernstein,Esther Deli
Bernstein,Martin Board of Directors
Birch-Jones,Peter Front Desk
Birch-Jones,Sonia Writing Workshop, Generation to Generation Editor
Block-Glass,Lindsay VIJFF
Bonder,Charles	Fun at Chess Coordinator
Bonder,Linda	Newcomer Welcomer, Book Club Leader
Bornstein,Sandie Front Desk, VIJFF
Brandon,Eleanor	Front Desk
Bricks,Deborah	Board of Directors, VIJFF
Brinley,Dana	Food Kiosk
Bristow,Tony	Front Desk
Brodsky,Maline	Board of Directors
Brody,Irv	Board of Directors, Front Desk
Brook,David	Board of Directors
Brophy,Karma	Front Desk
Brown,Harry	President, Front Desk, Folkfest 
Brown,Rita	Deli, Board of Directors
Bub,Daniel	Board of Directors
Buckwold,Bill	Board of Directors
Buckwold,Ricki	Deli, Food Kiosk, Food For Thought Luncheons
Caine,Bert	President, Fundraising
Caine,Stephen	Board of Directors
Carr,Jon	Food Kiosk, Membership Chair, Head Chef Deli, Casino Night
Carr,Rose	Deli Head Chef, Food Kiosk, Cake Decorating, Board of Directors
Cates,Farley	VIJFF
Chaflin,Vicki   Deli
Chang,Pam       Drop-In Mahj 
Chochinov,Earl	Front Desk, VIJFF, Food Kiosk, Shalom Newsletter Proofing, 
Chochinov,Ethel	President, Treasurer, VIJFF, Food Kiosk, Nosh By Gosh Cookbook 
Chodos,Martin	History of Art, Computer Basic, Shalom Newletter
Chodos,Rosalind	History of Art, Deli, Generation to Generation Cover Art
Cohen,Amnon	Shalom Newsletter Publication, Hebrew Group
Cohen,Jules     Seniors Lunch Program 
Cohen,Lenard	Board of Directors
Cohen,Pauline	Board of Directors
Coleman,Anita	Front Desk, Walks with Dogs
Cooperstock,Fred House Committee
Cooperstock,Ramona Israeli Dancing
Cooperstock,Ruth Programs
Corman,Susan	Board of Directors, Deli, Food Kiosk, Rummage Sale,
                Seniors Lunch Program
Culbertson,Paul	Ballroom Dancing
Davids,Barry	Casino Night, Deli, Food Kiosk
Davidson,Roz    Front Desk 
Denning,Lorna	Ezrah, Seniors Group President
Denning,Victor	Board of Directors
DeRyk,Dick	Front Desk, Food Kiosk, Film Night Coordinator
Diner Brinley,Janis Board of Directors, Programs
Ditor,Rachel	VIJFF
Dorf,Marg	Front Desk
Dove,Tony	House Committee, Front Desk, Bridge
Dragushan,Jean	VIJFF
Dragushan,John	Bridge Group
Dragushan,Sadie	Bridge Group
Dubney,Cookie	Ezrah, Community Calendar
Dubney,Jack	Ezrah
Duncan,Lori	Sunday Funday, Board of Directors
Efrat,Batya	Deli
Elias,Carol	Mahj, Shalom Newsletter Mailout
Elizabeth,Julie	JCCV Logo, Shalom Newsletter, Nosh By Gosh Cookbook Graphic 
Fagan,Joel	Librarian
Fagan,Sandy	Board of Directors
Farr,Jean	Arts and Crafts
Feldman,Lori	Front Desk, Board of Directors
Fill,Andrea	Front Desk, Food Kiosk
Fisher,Albert	Ezrah
Fisher,Miriam	President, Shalom Newsletter Editor
Fisher,Sylvia	Ezrah, Front Desk 
Fisher,Zev	Deli
Flower,Sandra	Deli
Freedman,Leah	Website, iPad/iPhone Classes, Librarian
Freedman,Lori	Programs
Freedman,Peter	iPad/iPhone Classes
Friedland,Bob	Board of Directors
Gans,Michael	Board of Directors, Jewish Language Classes Leader, 
                Jewish Movie Night Coordinator
Gardner,Jack	Board of Directors
Gary,Linda	Deli
Gary,Peter	Discussion Group, Holocaust Symposium
Gelb,Daniel	Board of Directors
Gelfand,Dena	Food For Thought Luncheons, VIJFF, Food Kiosk, Olive Grove 
                Fundraiser Dinner
Gelfand,Elliot	VIJFF, Food Kiosk
Gilbert,Chuck	Front Desk
Gilbert,Stephanie Chocolate Sunday
Gillman,Jodi	Hawaiian Chanukah 
Gillman,Peter	Assistant Treasurer
Glass,Sandra	Board of Directors, VIJFF, Front Desk, Food Kiosk
Goldberg,Michael Board of Directors
Goldie,Neil	President, Shalom Newsletter Editor
Gontovnick,Larry President, VIJFF, Food For Thought Luncheons, Food Kiosk, 
                 Craft Fair, Maintenance, Website, MailChimp Editor
Gordon,Gudrun	Deli, Shalom Newsletter
Gordon,Walter	Bridge Group, Board of Directors
Grant,Coral	Board of Directors, Deli, Food Kiosk
Gross,Max	Discussion Group
Grover,Ron	Men's Luncheon
Groves,Sophie   VIJFF
Halpert,Susan	Front Desk
Hamilton,Austin	Board of Directors
Hamilton,Evelon	Cards
Hardistry,Kat	Board of Directors
Hazen,Mary	Ezrah, Bridge Classes
Heft,David	Building Maintenance, Food Kiosk
Helm,Joanne	Newcomers Group Coordinator
Hibloom,Karen	Front Desk, Tot Play Group
Hoffman,Kitty	Board of Directors
Holiff,Saul	Front Desk, Board of Directors
Humphreys,Barbara Deli, Food Kiosk
Humphreys,Leah	Shalom Newsletter Layout & Design
Humphreys,Tim	Board of Directors, Office, Food Kiosk, Front Desk
Hutkin,Nanci	Jewish Singles
Hutkin,Reva     Latke Fry-Off, Discussion Group, Italian Evening, Various Programs 
Hyman,Norine	Ezrah, Front Desk, Shalom Mailout
Hyman,Norton	Ezrah, Front Desk, Shalom Mailout
Ittah,Yaaqov	Deli, Food Kiosk
Irvine,Margaret Chodos  Generation to Generation Cover Design
Jacobs,Helen	Front Desk
Jiang,Sue	Exercise Program
Jones,Cathy	Line Dancing
Josephson,Max	Building Committee, Board of Directors
Josephson,Wendy	Board of Directors, Deli
Kagan,Arlyne	President, Drama Group, Women's Issues, Programs
Kagan,Bill	Deli, Front Desk, Centre Rentals, Programs
Kalef,Lori 	Program Coordinator
Kalfon,Orli	Board of Directors
Kates,Ros	Bowling Group
Katz,David	Board of Directors
Katz,Rachel	Board of Directors
Katz,Rose	Board of Directors
Kazman,Seymour	Board of Directors, Shalom Newsletter Mailing
Kazman,Shirley	Shalom Newsletter Mailing
Kesten,Cyril	Board of Directors, Book Club Leader, VIJFF
Kesten,Helen	VIJFF
King,Valerie	President, Community Chanukah Party
Kogan,Martin	Board of Directors, Front Desk, Latke Mania Fryer, Food Kiosk,  
Koretsky,Lenard	Front Desk, Pot Luck Dinners
Krinsky,Isel	Front Desk, Ezrah
Kurier,David	Board of Directors
Kurier,Marvin	Picnic
Last,Ed	        Front Desk, Health Series
Last,Nancy	Deli, Food Kiosk, Gift Shop
Leddy,Eileen	Food Kiosk
Levanon,Matan	Board of Directors
Levi,Leah	Programs: Community Purim Party, Community Chanukah Party
Levinson,Ben	Folkfest, Generation to Generation Back Cover Art
Levinson,Carla	Genesis Art Exhibit
Levy,Gillian	Deli, Ezrah, Shalom Newsletter, Generation to Generation Editor
Levy,Michael	President
Levy,Ralph	Ezrah, Board of Directors
Lewin,Roxi	Board of Directors
Linzer,Selma	Food For Thought Luncheons, VIJFF, Food Kiosk
Little,Barbara	Music Scholarships
Little,Carl	Music Scholarships
Lochoff,Nate	Discussion Group, Board of Directors
Lowther,David   Front Desk
Lowther,Mary    Building Maintenance 
Lucow,Maurice	Shalom Newsletter, Board of Directors
Lustig,Leila    Librarian
Macara,Dolly	Shalom Newsletter Mailout, Front Desk
Macara,Max	Shalom Newsletter Mailout, Front Desk
Macara,Mel	Deli, Board of Directors
Majorki,Rosalind Deli, Food Kiosk
Margolese,Irvine Founding President, Shalom Newsletter, Discussion Group
Margolese,Julie	Ezrah
Marks,Hillary   Front Desk
Markson,Willie	Deli, Food Kiosk
Markus,Alan	Board of Directors
Mashat,Yemima	House Committee
Mayer,Jack	Food Kiosk
Meyers,Reva	Deli, Food Kiosk
Moger,Susan	Women Group
Monsour,Don	Board of Directors
Morris,Jack	Board of Directors
Morris,Lily	Luncheons, Front Desk
Moss,Bernie	Deli, Food Kiosk, Board of Directors
Moss,Suzanna	Deli, Food Kiosk
Muchin,Andy	VIJFF
Neiderhoffer,Arnie Sunday Funday
Neuman,Ralph	Food Kiosk, Deli
Neuman-Cohen,Rick Board of Directors
Nolan,Jan	Board of Directors, VIJFF, Community Chanukah Party
Nowell,April    VIJFF
Pagurek,Cheryl	Basic Drawing
Pagurek,Rosalind Basic Drawing
Peck, Courtney  Deli, Library Committee
Peters,Michael	Shalom Newsletter, Board of Directors, Winter Camp
Peters,Rowena   Food Kiosk, Winter Camp 
Petrie,Anne	VIJFF
Porzcanski,Anna	Volunteers
Porzcanski,Steffi Librarian
Pressman,Joy    Front Desk
Preuss,Jennie	Havurah Leader, Jewish Learning Online
Rauch,Lynne	Deli, Food Kiosk, Seniors Lunch Program
Reckon,Edie	Food Kiosk, Deli, Shalom Newsletter Publication
Reckon,Jeff	Food Kiosk, House Committee, Deli
Reis,Ronit	VIJFF
Reynard,Marty	Deli
Richmond,Michael Reading Group
Rogers,Lillian	Poetry Workshop
Roper,Barbara	Craft Fair, Freezer Covers, Garden
Rose,Annette	Ezrah, Board of Directors
Rothfels,Edith	Shalom Newsletter Mailing, Ezrah, Front Desk, Deli
Rothfels,Horst	Sunday Walkabout, Ezrah, Front Desk
Rusen,Gail      Front Desk
Savell,Karen	Board of Directors, Deli, Food Kiosk, Cake Decorating,
                Nite at the Races, Drop-In Mahj
Schwartz,Betty  Deli
Secter,Jon	Front Desk, Food Kiosk, Souper Video Nite
Secter,Nanci	Board of Directors, Gift Shop, Food Kiosk, Food For Thought 
                Luncheons, VIJFF, Deli
Segal,Alan	VIJFF
Seigel,Susy	Board of Directors
Shalinsky,Jack  Deli, Front Desk, Food Kiosk, Audio Visual Equipment 
Shalinsky,Sharon President, Food Kiosk
Shlensky,Lincoln VIJFF
Shmaya,Erez	Board of Directors
Shnider,Charlie	President, Ezrah, Front Desk, Luncheon Speakers
Shnider,Diana	President, Deli, Nosh By Gosh Cookbook Assistant Editor
Shumka,Bridget  Board of Directors, Olive Grove Fundraiser Dinner 
Siegel,David	Board of Directors
Siegel,Howie	Kitchen Design
Silver,Janis    Deli, Library Committee 
Silverman,Aaron	Food Kiosk 
Simon,Juliet	Librarian, Walking Group Leader
Sitwell,Raya	Board of Directors
Stoddart,Bernice Deli
Stoppi,Jonathan	Website, Board of Directors
Stouwer,Bob	Board of Directors
Sutker,Charlotte Women's Seder
Tempkin,Lindi	Board of Directors
Tennenhouse,Ethel Deli
Tennenhouse,Frank Front Desk
Torontow,David	Shalom Newsletter
Torontow,Dorothy Deli, Board of Directors, Winter Camp, Genesis Art Exhibit
Turner,Andy	Shalom Newsletter Mailout, Front Desk
Turner,Peggy	Drama Group
Vernon,Adele	Photography Course, Deli, Front Desk
Vogel,Barry	Board of Directors
Waldman,Chuck	Computer, Shalom Newsletter Labels, Ezrah
Waldman,Clare	Front Desk 
Wicks,Ruthie	VIJFF
Wolfe,Richard	Front Desk
Wolff,Arnold	Front Desk, Bridge
Wollach,Yael	Deli
Yacower,Maurice	VIJFF
Yaffe,Deborah	Women's Studies
Yas,Max	        Board of Directors, Discussion Group
Zimmerman,David	Jewish Scholars