JCCV March “Shalom” Out Now

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Page    Table of Contents

1       Food for Thought Luncheon
2       President’s Message
3       JCCV Book Nook
4       Jewish Seniors Luncheon, Borscht Belt Comedy Corner
5       Borscht Belt Baffler, Lox Stock & Bagel Deli
6       Drop-In Mahj Tuesdays, Table Tennis, Discussion Group, Gentlemen’s Friday Lunch
7       JCCV Film Night
8       Israeli Salad
9       Kolot Mayim Update, Jewish Federation 2017 Grants and Scholarship Application Notice
10     Jewish Family Services
11      JCCV Lively Walking Group, Borscht Belt Baffler Answers
12     How a Violin Brought a Holocaust Survivor and a 12-Year-Old Girl Together, Professional and Business Directory