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Saanich Police Detective Constable Berle Zwaan, Financial Crimes Unit

Monday,  April 24th, 12:00 – 2:00 pm
JCCV, 3636 Shelbourne Street

With the help of Saanich Police, empower yourself with practical techniques to increase your financial and technological safety skills to protect yourself and loved ones.

There are many types of fraud, with new ones invented regularly. Remaining cautious and aware is your best defense. It’s helpful to know that fraudsters use three powerful and effective things to get you to cooperate:

The hope of a benefit: “You’ve won a prize!” “This is a guaranteed investment!” “I love you!”

Fear: “You owe taxes.” “You will be arrested.” “Your loved one is in trouble.”

Your natural willingness to help: “Help us catch these crooked bank employees.” “Be our secret shopper.”

These are designed to manipulate your emotions, prevent you from thinking rationally, and make you take actions you normally would not.

Saanich Police Detective Constable Berle Zwaan has served almost 27 years as a police officer with the Saanich Police Department. He has worked in Patrol, Mountain Bikes, Child Abuse, Traffic, Financial Crimes, Administration and currently in the community Engagement Division doing Prevention with a specialty in Fraud Prevention.

The Saanich Police Department Financial Crimes Section is a part of the Detective Division of the Saanich Police. Three members work full-time on a variety of offences relating to fraudulent activity, usually focusing on cases where there has been a loss in excess of $5,000.00.

There are over 50 sections of the Criminal Code of Canada that deal with fraud-related offences. These offences require a substantial amount of time and a great deal of specialization in order for them to be thoroughly investigated. Referrals to the Financial Crime detectives are usually made after an initial investigation by uniformed officers.

Sit down luncheon includes coffee or tea and dessert.

Cost is $18.00, $15.00 for JCCV members.

Call or email the JCCV (250-477-7185, jccv@telus.net) to reserve.