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Topic: Taking action for Planetary Health. But how?

The science is clear: we must act, and without delay, to respond to climate change, pollution and to the loss of biodiversity. The environment has become a direct threat to the health and survival of human beings. There is an urgent need to transform our societies so that they contribute to improving the environmental and social conditions on which our health depends.
Where to start? How to take into account social and environmental determinants in an integrated and holistic way in all actions that affect our daily lives?
The concept of planetary health connects the human system and the natural environment on which we depend. Applying this concept in all our actions would allow us to respond to environmental challenges, while improving health, reducing inequalities and social injustices and improving the prosperity of our societies. During this presentation, we will see how the framework for planetary health developed by Brousselle and McDavid (2021) can guide, in a dialogical way, the development and implementation of projects, programs and policies in all areas of application. We will see how this framework can be used by everyone, without the need for particular expertise, thanks to simple tools to support the development of projects, programs and policies. Adopting such an approach would also make it possible to respond in an integrated manner to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and to the new Geneva Charter for Well-Being of the WHO.

Speaker: Dr. Astrid Brousselle, Professor & Director, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria

Professor Brousselle is also the convener of the group UVic in the Anthropocene. She contributes to the analysis and development of theories and methods in evaluation that she applies to various areas of research in public health and health system organization. She is particularly interested in contributing to the eco-social transition for creating more sustainable and healthy societies. During 2011 and 2016, she held the Canada Research Chair in Evaluation and Health System Improvement at the Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec). In her career, she has published over 80 scientific articles and books. In 2017 she received the recognition Mention coup de coeur of the Jean-Pierre-Bélanger Prize from the Quebec Public Health Association (ASPQ) for her public positions defending the public healthcare system.

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