JCCV April “Shalom” Out Now

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Page    Table of Contents

1            Food for Thought Luncheon
2&3      President’s Message
4           Jewish Seniors Luncheon, Borscht Belt Comedy Corner, Discussion Group, Did You Know?
5           Borscht Belt Baffler, Lox Stock & Bagel Deli
6           JCCV Book Nook, Drop-In Mahj Tuesdays, Table Tennis
7           JCCV Film Night
8           Christopher Columbus, Secret Jew
9           Kolot Mayim Update, Easy Kosher for Passover Almond Cookies
10         Jewish Family Services
11         JCCV Lively Walking Group, VSHJ Event, Borscht Belt Baffler Answers
12        Christopher Columbus Cont’d, Professional and Business Directory