JCCV Film Night on Monday, March 27th


Monday, March 27th at 7:00 pm

 Announcing the triumphal return of Victoria’s all time favourite movie:


From South Africa’s filmmaker Jamie Uys. From a meager budget of 5 million dollars this original and thought-provoking comedy went on to delight audiences world wide.

Xi, a Kalahari bushman, takes it upon himself to return an unwanted coke bottle to the Gods. On his journey he encounters a lovelorn micro-biologist, a Johannesburg school teacher newly installed in a small jungle village, and a band of terrorists bent on overthrowing the government of the day. All are enmeshed in a plot so insane, it could only happen in the “civilized” world!

The gods must be crazy but maybe we are even crazier!

Please join us for a fun evening of cinema…schmoozing…discussing and generally having a good time! State of the Art projection on the new large screen & great sound system!

Popcorn and cold drinks included in the $10 price of admission.

Always a classic cartoon or two prior to the feature! Doors open at 6:30 PM.

Dick de Ryk
Resident Movie Critic and Comic Book Aficionado
Contact: eegabeeva@shaw.ca