Lox, Stock & Bagel Deli (text only)

Located at 3636 Shelbourne Street (across from the Fairway Market).

Plenty of free parking.

“Kosher-Style” Deli run entirely by volunteers!

Pre-packed Kosher meals are also available, call ahead or ask at the front desk to see what’s in.

See our board for Daily Specials.
All items available for take-out.

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Tuesday to Friday 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Closed in the summer. Visit our food kiosk on Canada Day in the Inner Harbour and on Labour Day Weekend at The Saanich Fair.

Quick Nosh or Traditional Jewish Side Dishes

Vegetarian Kishka
Ground crackers with carrots, celery and onions, rolled and baked.

Safta Nanci’s own Potato Knishes
Mashed potatoes and fried onion, baked in a pastry.

Kugel, by Grandma Rose
The Jewish answer to Mac’n’Cheese! Lightly-sweetened sour cream, cottage cheese, raisins and noodles, baked like a casserole.

Gefilte Fish
A Passover favorite year-round! White sh and pike – ground, simmered and chilled. Served with rye bread.

Pickled Herring
With sour cream and rye bread.

Coleslaw, homemade

Nosher’s Plate

Traditional Jewish Sampler
Knish, kugel, kishka, pickled herring, bagel, lox, cream cheese, gefilte fish, coleslaw and pickle.

Soups & Sandwiches

Soups (served with homemade bread)

Matzoh Ball Soup
Broth with a large Matzo Ball (Jewish Dumpling). Simply the best in Victoria!

Soup of the Day
Homemade, hearty.

Sandwiches (served with coleslaw & pickles)

Hot Pastrami on Rye
With deli hot mustard.

Salami on Rye

Jumbo Hot Dog
Coney Island style jumbo hot dog, all-beef, with fried onions, coleslaw and pickle.

Tasty Tuna Salad
On homemade bread.

Egg Salad
On homemade bread.

With cream cheese, avocado, tomato, cucumber, onion, bell pepper and lettuce on homemade bread.

Combo Deals

Half-Sandwich with Soup or Green Salad.
Tuna, Egg Salad, Veggie or Salami Sandwich.


Nana Lynne’s Cheese Blintzes
2 warm crepe filled with cottage cheese, served with sour cream and homemade berry sauce.

Salami & Eggs
Salami and eggs, proudly served with a toasted Mount Royal bagel.

Lox, Eggs & Onion
Smoked salmon, eggs and onion proudly served with a Mount Royal Bagel.

Bagel & Cream Cheese
Cream cheese proudly served on a Mount Royal Bagel, with coleslaw.

Bagel with Lox
Wild B.C. Salmon Lox and cream cheese, proudly served on a Mount Royal bagel.
A Jewish delight!

Latke Mania: A Chanukah Special!
Three delicious fried potato pancakes served with sour cream and apple sauce. Latkes are also available for take-away — by the dozen.


Better-Than-Sex Chocolate Cake
Saanich Fair favorite and best in B.C. Served with Ice Cream.

Fresh Homemade Pie
Fresh Homemade Pie of the Day Topped with Ice Cream.

The Deli serves sodas, juices, tea and coffee.